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LED Plant Light Bulbs for Indoor Plant, Relassy Full Spectrum Grow Lamp Bulbs, 2PCS Plant Lights' Replaceable Bulbs, 88 LEDs

  • Full Spectrum led grow light bulb: Relassy full spectrum plant light bulb equipped with 44 high quality, high par value and high efficiency LED chips. The wave of the light is from 380nm to 800nm. Similar to the natural sunlight, ideal for all kinds of indoor plants at all growth stages.
  • Rapidly Improve Growing: The grow light bulb can promote the growth of the leaves and rhizome, protein synthesis,blossom and bearing fruit. With the lighting 10 hours each day indoor, the plants grow 3 times faster than natural grown. Bring a 15% increase in the yield (the data from our customer feedback ).
  • High-efficiency & Scientific Heat Dissipation Design: The shell of bulb is made of aeronautical aluminum which is one of the best thermal conductive material. The fin-shaped heat sink design increases the heat dissipation area which can prolong the life of the grow light bulb.
  • Larger Illumination Area: The grow light bulb with 120° beam angle can enlarge the area of the effective lighting.
  • Safe for Indoor Use: Our grow light bulb have been certified by FCC, CE and ROHS. It can be safely used for indoor plants, hydroponic, greenhouses, etc.
  • Voltage: 90-230v  ,  Frequency: 50-60Hz  ,  Power: 45W