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120W LED Full Spectrum LED grow Light Indoor grow Light Grow Flowering Splicing Built-in Power Supply BDGL270

  • Why choose our LED lights? -Because this 120W LED light board provides a sunlight-like full-spectrum , equates toequivalent product 1200W .The wavelengths of 120W range from 380nm to 800nm, providing plants with more uniformity than a single red and blue light , is the best lighting solution for commercial growers and home lovers. PPF: 2245 µmol/m2/S, which can help indoor plants grow healthier and more vigorous.
  • No fan, no noise-Compared with other 1200W indoor plant lights and noisy fans, we use aluminum base plate and aviation heat dissipation aluminum profile to achieve excellent heat dissipation effect. It is completely silent, and you cannot hear any noise when our full-spectrum LED long lights are working.
  • LED lighting is more better -Equipped with 672 LED chips,it can replace the traditional 1200W grow lights and save 59% of energy. Compared with other 1200W grow lights, our led grow light has doubled the effective irradiation area, which is very suitable for household tent planting(2*1.2*2 meters and 1.8*1.8*2 meters).
  • Suitable for all kinds of planting-This LED growlight can be adjusted the height according to the growth period of the plant, such as seeds, vegetables, flowers and fruits. It is recommended that the height of the plant light be 20-40cm. In addition, this full-spectrum grow light is also very suitable for various indoor plants, such as violets, tomatoes, flowering plants, herbs and day plants.
  • The best quality LED lights-Our indoor ledgrow lights adopt over-current, over-heat, over-voltage protection technology, and have FCC, CE, ROHS and PSE certification.
  • Material composition: The chipsare imported large chips and high-brightness. Under the same circumstances, the conventional LED lamp has 169 chips, and the heat dissipation system uses super umbrella-shaped heat dissipation aluminum, T6063 pure aluminum, and high-performance power supply.
  • The frame design of the assembly and the overall lamp body adopts a splicing design, weight: 1.48kg, which effectively reduces the weight of the product and minimizes the logistics cost.
  • Light size: 58.6*42*3.8cm / 23.1*16.6*1.5 inch
  • Outer packaging size: 45*30*8cm / 17.7*11.8*3.2inch

Irradiated area: 105*50cm / 41.4*20 inch