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Aquarium LED Lights

Whether a fish is living in salt or freshwater, aquarium lighting is always a necessity for any tank. Lighting is not only ideal for the pleasure of those viewing your aquarium, but it also gives off vital energy and influences fish behavior and other living things, like coral. Fish tank LED lights are a game changer from the standard fluorescent lights.This light takes very little energy to produce, and has a low heat output. LED lights have different color spectrums that provide various enhancements and effects. 

Freshwater fish tank LED lights come in a variety of colors, like white, royal blue or magenta. They can be one tone or combined for bonus effects. The less intense white LED aquarium lighting enhances red, yellow and orange tones and is excellent for strong growth in your tank, as well as supporting photosynthesis. The more powerful white light complements silver, blue, black and green colors and is a good choice for tanks with a large quantity of fish. This tone can be combined with blue or magenta aquarium lighting.